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International Women’s Day


Published: 08/03/2018   Last Updated: 08/03/2018 07:36:30   Author: Jessica Chalmers    Tags:

International Women’s Day

In light of International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate two talented, inspiring and fabulous local women: Olivia Horne and Alex Willis. Both ladies live and work in Chiswick and in doing so enrich our community:

Olivia Horne of Mamas Happy Place is a Happiness and Mindfulness Coach for Mums. Offering 1:1 coaching, group classes and workshops in W4. Olivia supports mums to bring more calm, confidence and compassion to the everyday chaos of family life. She also offers Relax Kids workshops and coaching, supporting parents to help their children with stress, anxiety and big feelings.

You’ve only got to be in Olivia’s presence for a moment before you are consumed by her calming and positive aura.  She truly has the ability to make you feel special and listened to. For all of us frazzled mummies out there Olivia really is the ‘Queen De-frazzler’!

 When I asked Olivia what she enjoyed about her work she replied; “I have the joy and privilege to work with brave, strong, determined women, who are looking for ways to embrace their new 'mother' identities, and seeking a more calm, balanced and joyful way to experience family life. I love helping them work out a new rhythm to fit the current chapter, and I love learning something new, humbling and inspiring from each of them, every time we meet.” What a gem! Let Olivia bring some calm to your chaos.

Alex Willis's journey to set up her doTERRA business began after searching for a natural alternative to the pills she was taking for an illness, as is so often the case these pills had negative side effects. When she discovered doTERRA she was amazed how successful the oils and supplements were for helping her and also saw amazing results with her families health. This was the drive that made Alex want to share the benefits of these oils with friends and family and so her doTERRA business was born.
It isn’t solely the power of the oils that Alex is passionate about but also the fact that doTERRA source their oils indigenously, sustainably, and directly with small farmers working as a co-impact farming initiative. What’s not to like?!

Alex offers 1:1 sessions, workshops and Corporate Wellbeing which as we all know is so important now with stress in the workplace. So if your husband is suffering from insomnia, your daughter is having bad dreams, your son can’t shift a cold, your hormones are all over the place, your dog has a limp (ok made that last one up - although she probably could cure it!) the list goes on.. head to Alex and you will be bamboozled by her zesty enthusiasm, astounding knowledge and absolute desire to help you.  Form an orderly queue…

Buyers Questions Answered


Published: 26/02/2018   Last Updated: 26/02/2018 21:16:15   Author: Jessica Chalmers    Tags:

Buyers Questions Answered
Are you in the market to buy a property? We’ve put our heads together and have collated and answered the most commonly asked questions by ‘buyers’ over the last 12 months:

What is the vendor’s position?
This is a very simple but key question. A buyer’s primary concern is how quickly they can move into the property. In the majority of cases people are moving up or down the property ladder and you would generally expect an onward chain. Of course the ideal buyer scenario is a chain free property.

Do I need a mortgage agreed in principal to make an offer?
No, although it is always beneficial for a broker or lender to have looked at your financial criteria but it isn’t essential.
If I’m not under offer and want to make an offer will I be taken seriously?
It’s always good to show your intention as a buyer but until you are under offer we wouldn’t recommend a vendor accepting the offer. With this said, on the odd occasion a vendor may give the buyer a period of grace to go under offer.

Has the property market in Chiswick been impacted by Brexit?
Locally in Chiswick both sales and rentals have been significantly impacted by the uncertainty the vote has brought. Both markets have seen a decrease in value between 15-25%. However 2018 has started very positively for us so fingers crossed we’re on the up!

Is now a good time to buy?
YES!! Chiswick always has a knack of turning when you least expect it. Take advantage of historically low interest rates, decrease in value and low competition compared with a rising market. Chiswick is a desirable, thriving community 25 minutes from Central London. Bricks and mortar are a solid investment.

Should I get a survey?
A survey is intended to be a detailed inspection of a property’s condition and is very useful to help you avoid expensive surprises. There are different levels of surveys both in detail and price as outlined below. Depending on the property, a new build v’s a house with subsidence our advice for which survey to choose would of course vary.

Mortgage valuation: This is a simple valuation for the bank to satisfy the lender that the property is worth the figure the sale is agreed at. Any major visible issues will be flagged or a further survey report recommended. The surveyor will look at comparable sales within the area before finalising his report.

Condition report: This is the most basic survey looking at condition, it’s designed to complement the mortgage valuation. It provides ‘traffic light’ indications of the state of the property. Green means all fine, yellow there’s cause for concern and red serious repairs are vital.  It does not include advice or a valuation.

HomeBuyers Report: This is a more detailed survey and also includes a valuation and an insurance reinstatement value (how much you would receive if the property were to burn down). However the survey isn’t obtrusive so they wouldn’t look behind furniture, lift floor boards or drill holes.

Building Survey: These are expensive but worth it if you’re buying a very old, unusual, listed or timber framed property. These are also good if you are going to be doing some serious building works. The surveyor would look in the attic, behind walls, between floors and above ceilings and provide advice on repairs, prices and timings. However, unless specified, it probably wouldn’t include an insurance reinstatement value estimate or a market valuation.

Have there been any offers?
This is a valid question. Obviously if a property has been on the market for a long time and not had any offers, is there a reason? If there have been offers, you can work out what’s been rejected and potentially gauge the vendors expectations on the price they’re looking for. A picture is constantly being built on each property and situations change during the process. As agents we’re employed to get the best possible result for our clients (the vendors). It doesn’t necessarily mean the highest offer should be accepted. Factors such as flexibility on timeframes, cash/mortgage ratio, chain details etc. all need to be considered.

Any other questions? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer them 020 8747 8800.

Half Term Help!


Published: 07/02/2018   Last Updated: 08/03/2018 07:19:52   Author: Jessica Chalmers    Tags:

Half Term Help!


Yikes half term is creeping up! How can we keep our little cherub's occupied next week?! Thankfully in Chiswick we are well placed with many activities to keep our little ones out of trouble..well maybe I should rephrase that..keep the little ones busy!

Here are our top 5 picks:

Hedgehog Activity Day
Thursday 15th - 11am-3pm
Head to Gunnersbury Triangle for free, fun, family friendly activities and learn all about hedgehogs. Whilst there take part in a hedgehog house building workshop (spaces for the workshop are limited so please email to book a place).
Location: Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve, Bollo Lane, London, W4 5LW (opposite Chiswick Park Station)

Mella Mella's Pottery
Get creative at Mella Mella's Pottery play cafe. Relax with a cuppa whilst the little ones paint pottery and enjoy the Kids Corner and garden.
Contact:  020 8995 6337 /
Location: 8 Essex Place, Chiswick, London, W4 5UT

Rocks Lane Soft Play
Great new soft play in Chiswick! Let the children scramble in the soft play whilst you sit back and enjoy a coffee and slice of cake from the cafe. Even lunch is sorted with their onsite pizza oven!
Contact: 020 8994 1313
Location: Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre, 60 Chiswick Common Road, London, W4 1RZ

Watermans Art Centre
Ok, so not strictly Chiswick but I couldn't leave it out! Watermans as always is on hand to help fill the half term days with the Bear and Butterfly show, a giant butterfly making workshop and the Woodland Discovery: a musical storytelling adventure. Grab your tickets now..
Contact: 020 8232 1019
Location: Watermans Art Centre, 40 High Street, Brentford, TW8 0DS

Chiswick House and Grounds
If all else fails we always have the lovely Chiswick House with its den building, sand pit rummaging, dog watching, hot chocolate drinking joy!
Location: Chiswick House and Gardens, Burlington Lane, Chiswick, London, W4 2RP

Whitman & Co are delighted to sponsor Turnham Green Polytechnic Cricket Club.


Published: 24/06/2014   Last Updated: 21/12/2016 17:06:41   Author: Katie    Tags:

Whitman & Co are delighted to sponsor Turnham Green Polytechnic Cricket Club. We felt it particularly poignant to sponsor the team as Gerry Chalmers headed up the Turnham Green Colts in the 1990’s. Father of Chris in our sales team who also played for the team, he sadly passed away earlier in the year. They once  pulled off a combined father and son caught and bowled! We are also delighted to be sponsoring the Shooting Star CHASE Charity, Belmont School Fete, Opera in the Gardens and West London Sinfonia.